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When you register as Member you have a FREE membership for life to Cinaed Dane website.

You can enjoy all the free content on our website and you will receive information about new content, special offers, and other activities.

We have very exciting plans for 2020 so don't miss out!

Earn access to special content

When you are a member you also get an Affiliate account.

On your Affiliate account you have a special Affiliate ID/ Affiliate link. When you share this link on your own website, Instagram, Facebook, or anywhere else visitors who come to our website via your affiliate link will be tracked.

Active Affiliates have access to all the special content.

You are an "Active" Affiliate when your Affiliate ID / Affiliate Link within 30 days has generated:

  • 100 Unique visitors* or
  • 10 New Unique Members / Affiliate Members*
    *these numbers and requirements may change.

Affiliates Area

In the Affiliate Area, you will be able to see how many visitors and members you have referred and what link they have clicked on to come to our website. There is also a statistics page with an easy overview of the last 30 days.
Please note that New Members signups have to be manually approved before they show up in the statistics. Usually, this happens with 24 hours

In the Marketing tab, you will have access to marketing material such as Banners in various sizes and different text links.

Earn an Income from paid Memberships

Currently, there are no paid memberships on Cinaed Dane but this is likely to change.

As an Affiliate Member, you will not only be able to earn an income from the paid memberships you generate but also from paid memberships that affiliate members that you referred to us generate.

You will get a percentage of the paid memberships generated 5 levels deep. You are level 1.

If you imagine you refer 5 Affiliate Members who also each refer 5 Affiliate Members that the numbers will get quite large very fast. This is not likely to happen like that but you get the idea I think.

More details on this when paid memberships become available.

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