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Joy Lamore in "Redhead" by Cinaed Dane


My idea with the Redhead series was to give the models an anonymous space to express themselves. This opened up for some strong and extreme expressions from the models as they felt freer and unrestrained.

  • Model Diana Wolf

  • Model Joy Lamore

  • Model Galina

Joy Lamore in "Wild Desires" by Cinaed Dane

Wild desires in White

I wanted to create a series with strong sexual expressions and by using the plastic as an emulated partner who sensually touched the wet skin of the naked woman in the closest possible way and the most erotic arousing places.

  • Model Joy Lamore

Joy Lamore in "Raw Emotions" by Cinaed Dane

Raw Emotion

Strong powerful raw sexual emotion just streams out from Joy Lamore. Enjoy this series in her favorite color Yellow.

  • Model Joy Lamore

Chiara Bianchino in "Floor Twists" by Cinaed Dane

Floor twists

The Floor Twists photos are from one of my several sessions with Chiara Bianchino. A beautiful inspiring model who is wonderful to work with.

  • Model Chiara Bianchino

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